Fume cupboard testing

Our testing and validation exercise, allows us to produce detailed airflow and condition reports on each individual fume extract / LEV system, in accordance with the new standards, BS EN 14175, including SF6 containment testing.


This information can then be incorporated into your annual COSHH assessment file, and be a useful indicator of the life cycle and performance of each specific piece of equipment.


Furthermore, full checks and tests to fans, motors, drive belts, warning alarms, baffles, etc, are all carried out, in accordance with relevant British Standards and COSHH 2002 and all other relevant guidance documents.


Our checks would also include those of containment, mapping air pathways within each fume cupboard, to ensure user safety.


For example, our checks to fans would include investigations into bearing and impeller condition, etc; we would look to check on belt condition and replace with new if necessary.


In the course of our works, we would look to report on the overall general condition of each fume cupboard and advise if certain components require renewal or replacement.


Dependent on your wishes, we would look to carry out the remedial works, including the supply of new parts.